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Ryoshin-Kan Karate School
Best Martial Arts School in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Free Week of Karate 
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Ryoshin-Kan Karate School

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"To be the Best you have to train with the Best!"


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We offer Military and Family Discounts to Adults and Youth....
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Karate Special
30 June 2024.
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Internet  Special
Plus Military Veterans & Family Discounts 
Call or E-mail Us and mention this on-line coupon to Get a FREE WEEK of Martial Arts Classes added when you register for our Intro Program at the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School.
The Karate Intro Program includes;
  • 8 weeks of Karate Classes,
  • Plus one Free Week!
  • Two 30 minute Private Lessons (Taught by a real Hall of Fame Master),
  • Official Membership Card,
  • Student Booklet
  • and a FREE Karate Uniform
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    you can learn Martial Arts from a Hall of Fame and National Champion Master.
  • Gift Certificates are Available !
    Ryoshin-Kan Karate School
    located one mile south of Lynnhaven Mall at
    1064 Lynnhaven Pkwy
    Virginia Beach, VA.
      "Best of the Best!"
    • CALL NOW !
      (757) 468-1643


      Sensei Thompson is a Retired Navy Veteran and he understands the needs of Military Veterans (Active, Reserve, Retired etc…) and their Families. You all served your country and now Ryoshin-Kan Karate School is here to serve you. All Military Veterans and Their Families get a special discount.


      "The Best Martial Arts Adult and Children Classes in the Virginia Beach, Virginia Area!"
      SEE COUPON BELOW and Send us an e-mail and Mention the Code:
      "Ryoshin-Kan Karate is #1"
      to get your
      one Free Week of Karate.

      Offers intensive, educational and Fun training in the martial arts. Our Martial Arts is the best of all methods for instilling in people­ both Adults and Youth ­the character traits that are the most desirable in human beings. These include:
    • A Positive Attitude
    • Self-Discipline
    • Self-Respect
    • Courage
    • Respect for Others
    • Good Behavior
    • A Sense of Order in their Personal Lifestyle Setting Goals
    • Diligence in Achieving Goals

      While developing these character traits, the individual will be learning a state of the Art, realistic Self-Defense System.

      Dragon Force Rocks T-Shirts.
      (I.)Dragon Force T-Shirts, Decals, Window Stickers, DVDs & other items:

      NEW: Dragon Force Rocks T-Shirts

      These Black T-shirts that say Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team Rocks are awesome. You can have one of these awesome T-shirts for a small donation of $20. All proceeds go towards the support of the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School and Dragon Force Demo Team.

      DVD / MOVIE: "The Adventures of Dragon Force"

      This Martial Arts Action movie was released in 1995. The stars of the movie are Sensei Tim Thompson and his Dragon Force Demo Team doing battle with the Evil Ninja Pigs... Movie DVD (Donation $25)

      COMIC BOOK: "Dragon Force Karate Demo Team Comic Book"

      This awesome collector's Edition Comic book came out in 1993. It is the basis for the "The Adventures of Dragon Force Movie" The Comic book was created by Sensei Tim Thompson and Sempai Alfred Alejandro. The Drawings are by Sempai Tony Lamotta. It tells the story of the Dragon Force Demo Team from the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia fighting the Evil Ninja Pigs.

      Dragon Force Comic Book (Donation $5)

      DVD: Dragon Force Karate Show

      Holiday TV Martial Arts Special...DVD (Donation $15)

      NEW: Dragon Force Karate USA Varsity Jackets

      These beautiful Karate Jackets are available. Send us an e-mail with your size, Full Name. (Donation $100) plus shipping)


      We are currently developing instructional DVDs on Karate, Kobudo, Kenjitsu, Goshinjitsu, Tameshiwari and Demo Team. The DVDs will feature instruction by Shihan Tim Thompson, a Martial Arts Master, National Champion and Hall of Famer.

      Keep checking back to see the latest DVDs.

      If you have questions, suggestions or want to place an order send us an e-mail.

      ORDER NOW! Send us an e-mail include what DVDs you want to order, your mailing address, and Telephone number. One of our Staff Members will get in touch with you to discuss your Order. Thank You !

      Click to SEND your Order via E-MAIL



      (1.)KARATE Program
      The Martial Arts classes conducted at the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia are the Best. This program helps to instill Discipline & Self-Esteem, while improving the Adults & Childs Physical Conditioning and Self-Defense Awareness. Academics, Physical Fitness and Positive Spirit are number one at Ryoshin-Kan.
      Give the gift of Honor and Discipline to yourself and your love ones. "Come Train with the Best and have fun while learning the Martial Arts."

      E-MAIL for Details !

      (2.) Private Lessons:
      Shihan (Master) Tim Thompson is available to do Martial Arts Private Lessons for you and your family / group. Private Lessons can include training in one or more of the following areas, Karate-Do, Kenjitsu, Kobudo, Goshinjitsu, Demo Team, and specialized techniques. Private Lessons are an excellent way to prep for a Tournament, Belt Test or Demo. This is a great opportunity to train directly under a real Hall of Fame and top Martial Arts Master one-on-one.
      Call 757-468-1643 or send E-mail to set up your Private Lesson now. Send E-mail to Sensei

      Join Women's Self-Defense Program for a self-defense education that is fun!
    • The Women's Self-Defense class is designed for 17 year old females and up.

      These Classes includes Self-Defense awarness, Self-Defense Techniques, Fitness and more. You can bring your friends to these classes. Private lessons and seminars are also available. All Females can also attend their age group / experience level classes during the week.
      Call (757)468-1643 or E-mail for details.
    • sai.jpg

      Ryoshin-Kan Dojo Kobudo Patch & Qualifications Program. Any Ryoshin-Kan student with the rank of purple belt or higher, can now qualify to wear one of the Kobudo (weapons) patches on your black or white ghi (uniform). You are only allowed to wear one weapons patch per uniform. We have patches that represent the BO. Kama, Sai. Nunchaku, and Tonfa. If you qualify in more than one weapon and have several uniforms then wear a different weapons patch on each uniform. In the past the only ones wearing the patches were Black Belts on the Demo Team and they only wore it on their demo uniform. I have now authorized the wearing of the patch to all students who qualify for the patch. The wearing of the patch does not mean that you are certified a Black Belt in that weapon but it is a milestone towards eventual Kobudo Black Belt Certification.
    • You have to know two Kata with the same weapon. For example the "BO", Ten-ryu-no-kun & Kihon Bo Nidan, "Nunchaku" Nunchaku Sho & dai.....
    • You have to demonstrate self-defense applications of the weapon.
    • You have to demonstrate the weapon at a demo, special event or Tournament.
    • Shihan Tim Thompson has to watch you perform. Shihan Thompson will award the Wearing of the Patch to individuals that qualify.
      The Cost of the Patch Program is $20 dollars and it will be placed in the Dragon Force Donation Bottle. For More details send Sensei Thompson an e-mail or see him at the Ryoshin-Kan Dojo.
    • Ryoshin-Kan Karate School School
      We at Ryoshin-Kan Karate School are here to assist you.
      For more information please e-mail us or call
      (757) 468-1643.

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